Pastoral Care Team

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This ministry is active in our church in several forms. It is run by a group of people who feel called by God to “care for the flock” and is supported by the leadership.

We have a visitation group, mainly couples, who are mobilised to visit the church families. Their mission is to encourage, to listen, to pray for any needs and concerns and get to know you a little better. (God’s word tells us to “encourage and build one another up”.) This is a very flexible and informal program; it may be a coffee together, a meal, or a home visit, but will always be first initiated by prior contact to arrange a suitable time.

We also have people on the team who make themselves available for sudden emergencies that arise occasionally and who are in a position to activate help and support from a variety of sources. The Pastoral Care Team also arranges a luncheon or dinner from time to time, with the express purpose of welcoming new people, having some fellowship over a meal and hopefully getting to know you a little better. Be assured that at all times confidentiality is paramount.

Contact: Graeme and Colleen Sunderland Ph 027 444 1765 Graeme or 027 444 1689 Colleen